PERSÖNLICH · 17. Februar 2018
Wir alle wissen, dass Beziehungen ein Mysterium für sich sind und dass es manchmal alles andere als leicht ist, auf Dauer glücklich zu sein. Ich gebe euch heute 5 Tipps, wie ihr eine glückliche Beziehung führt!
JAPAN · 31. Januar 2018
The series goes on - in part 2 I will show you some pictures taken from the landmark of Tokyo: the Tokyo Tower.
UNBOXINGS · 10. Dezember 2017
I ordered the See My Skin Box and unboxed their Limited Edition 'Winter Fantasy' - let's see, what came in this Beauty box!
PERSÖNLICH · 02. Dezember 2017
Hey everyone, it's finally December and since I got fully into Christmas mood, I decided to do a special blog post about it. So today I'm back with the 'Get to know me tag' as a Christmas Edition featuring some little shots of my decoration this year.
JAPAN · 10. November 2017
Let me show you Part 1 of my new series, where I'll introduce you to my top three observatory decks in Tokyo. Enjoy some beautiful shots of Tokyo from the Mori Tower Sky Deck.
UNBOXINGS · 10. Oktober 2017
My Neko Box arrived a few weeks ago and this time, the theme is 'Forest Bathing'. In this blog post I will tell you more about what Forest Bathing is and show you, which items came in September's Box.
UNBOXINGS · 16. September 2017
In today's blog post, I want to introduce you to Kizuna Box, a Japanese monthly subscription box. I came across this box in July and I immediatley was interested in their Lifestyle Box! Kizuna Box was so kind and sent me their September box, the 'Otsukimi Box' for free, so I can do an unboxing and review on it. Let's see, what I got in this box!
ERNÄHRUNG · 03. September 2017
Since I started drinking Matcha regularly 9 months ago, I always wanted to include this awesome flavour somewhere else. So this weekend I finally made a cake with it. Since it turned out so delicious, I thought I'm going to share my self-created recipe with you!
BEAUTY · 27. August 2017
Today I will show you what's in the Ritual of Dao - Calming Treat Set by Rituals Cosmetics.
UNBOXINGS · 19. August 2017
Today I'm going to unbox Neko Box's 'The Matcha Tea Box' with you. Let's see what we got this time!

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