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Today I want to show you the, in my opinion, most beautiful makeup brushes in the world - Crystal Makeup Brushes and I will tell you, why you would like to have them in your collection, too! 💎


Of course these brushes aren't made of crystals nor do they contain any, but they're nicely shaped like crystals which makes them look really aesthetic.

I found them a few weeks ago on the internet, because I was searching for some new, fancy ones to extend my brush collection. These ones really caught my eye because of their unique look and the pink and blue colour, but just take a look at this beauties:

The set I bought contains 12 brushes for different uses. I added a designation to every brush so it makes it easier for you if you're searching for a special type of brush and their usage.


The brushes in this set will particularly be used for eyes, lips, brows, face and cheeks. But I don't really care about which brush is meant for what, because I like to experiment with them and see which results I can get and how to work with them in the best way.


The stalks of the makeup brushes are made of plastic and have a blue to pink ombré colour.

The upper bracket is made of aluminum and is golden coloured. The brush heads are made of high quality, synthetic bristles and feel super soft! They're white with a pink coloured top.


Because of the used aluminum and plastic, these brushes are super lightweight and it's really easy to work with them.

The crystal makeup brushes are also easy to clean and unless other affordable brushes, they don't loose any hair. I clean them with my brush soap by DaVinci and my Sigma Beauty Spa Cleaning Glove, this combo always works great on makeup brushes by the way!


They feel very soft on your skin and doesn't irritate at all and have a nice product intake, which is important for me, since I experienced irritations with other brushes in the past. And let's be honest, nobody wants brushes, which take a high amount of product, which gets lost in the brush afterwards so you will never see the used product on your skin.


Okay, but where did I bought these epic brushes? Well, I bought these ones on Amazon and paid around 10 € for them, which is a great deal for the quality you get. And since the bristles are synthetic, they're also vegan!


Definitely recommend you this brush set if you need a new one or if you're thinking about getting some more like I did. They're such an eye catcher with their chic style and I think every woman with a faible for unique makeup brushes need these ones at home. I already use them in my every day makeup routine and they just look beautiful on the makeup stand.



What do you think about these brushes? Do you like their look? Tell me in the comments! 💜


Thank you for stopping by once again and see you in my next blog post!

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