Hello my beauties!


I'm so sorry for letting you wait so long for a new blog post, but after two months of vocational school I'm back to my normal work space and had a lot to get done there.


But let's not talk about work, today I would like to introduce you to 'Matt(e) Hughes'! You may ask yourself now "Who's that?!", I'd say he's charming, sincere and very committed to leave your lips matte and in vibrant colours for hours!


And since you of course already figured out, that I'm not talking of a random guy, I would like to tell you my opinion about the unique-called long-lasting liquid lipsticks by TheBalm.


I bought my first 'Meet Matt(e) Hughes' about one year ago now and I instantly fell in love with the formula back then. Since this time, my collection grew up to three of them.

And I have to say, I always love the packaging of TheBalm's products, I think they never fail in this point. And again - I'm a packaging victim when it comes to beauty products... But don't judge me, I can tell you, that the quality is as good as the packaging!


Now let me show you the three shades I own, they're called 'Charming', 'Sincere' and 'Committed', such a perfect mix of colours for me. 😍

Charming is the darkest of them all, it's a deep red, looking even a bit darker on the lips in my opinion and is a perfect contrast to my pale, white skin, especially in winter.


Sincere has a brownish undertone which I can recommend you to wear during the fall season, it's also the shade which I'm wearing most of the time, I simply love that it goes so well with my daily makeup style.


Committed has a peachy undertone and suits my skin colour the most during summer, when all the freckles on my face come back again and my skin becomes a bit red because of the sun - yes, even if I wanted, I would never get a good tan during summer.


Like I already wrote above, I'm really in love with the formula of the liquid lipsticks, it's super smooth and easy to apply it properly. It dries quickly on your lips and leaves them super matte! Oh and it smells and also tastes like peppermint, but maybe that's a negative point if you don't like peppermint - for me, this isn't an issue, because I really like this taste on my lips. They're also very longlasting compared to other brands, which is a big plus for me, but of course, after some hours of talking, drinking and eating, it comes of a little - especially in the middle part of your lips.


But all in all I will always be a huge fan of the 'Meet Matt(e) Hughes' and can absolutely recommend them to you! One liquid lipstick contains 7.4 ml and costs around 15 €, a bit pricey, but all the way worth it 'cause you don't need much product! And of course they're cruelty-free!


I think I will also get my hands on the 'Meet Matt(e) Hughes Mini Set', which contains 6 beautiful colours in a mini version of the liquid lipsticks.



Do you own any TheBalm products? Tell me in the comments!


Thank you for reading, love you all and have a nice weekend!

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