Hi everyone!


The days are getting longer and the heat is getting stronger, for me, that means I got my hands more often on waterproof makeup, because let's be honest, we all have to deal with wet faces during summer, may it be because of the heat, or of swimming pools where we try to cool down for a bit. Waterproof makeup is essential on hot summer days, but there is this one thing... it's so hard to remove!


But don't worry, these days are over now - I got a little tip, which I'd like to share with you.

Since you already should know from my previous blog posts, I'm a little addicted to Rituals Cosmetics and I wouldn't be a fan of the brand, if I wouldn't have an eye makeup remover from them.


The one I own is the Mild Eye Make-up Remover and I couldn't imagine a life without it!

It contains lotus flower and rice bran oil. The scent is very discreet and it's a two-phase mixture, so you need to shake it before you use it. After shaking it, I give a small amount on a cotton pad and gently stroke it along my eyes to remove my mascara and, if needed, my eyeliner.


But let me tell you, I also use this makeup remover to remove my matte liquid lipsticks. We all know the struggle of liquid lipsticks, if you found a good one, which can keep on for hours on your lips, it's a pain to remove at the end of the day. But because of the rice bran oil, the liquid lipsticks are gone easily and without any pain.


I also use my Wunderbrow brow gel during summer and always use the makeup remover in the same way like I do for the liquid lipsticks, when I'm removing the gel. You can see, it's useful in a lot of ways for me.


The best is, even though it contains oil it doesn't leaves your skin oily or something like that, it's also perfect for sensitive skin, because I never experienced irritated skin after the usage.


As you can see, I'm really happy with this remover and can recommend it to you all, especially since this bottle lasts for a long time.


There are 125 ml in this cute pink bottle, which you get for the price of 10,50 €. They also got a smaller version with 30 ml for 4,50 €, which might be perfect for traveling.



Are you using waterproof makeup during summer like I do? Tell me in the comments!


Thanks for reading and have a nice sunday! ☀

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