Hey everyone!


My husband and I moved into our new apartment about two weeks ago. But we didn't had internet here, so I saw the last two weeks as an opportunity to take a break from it and oh yes... I must say I really enjoyed it.



But now that I'm back in the digital world, I would like to start a new series that I had in my mind for months now. I want to show you my top three observation decks in Tokyo, which I've experienced so far. Tokyo is filled with skyscrapers and other buildings giving you always different views of this vibrant, never sleeping city. I can't wait to try more the next time, when I'm in Tokyo.


But enough said, let's start with Part 1 of my 'Tokyo from above' series – the Mori Tower Sky Deck!


The Sky Deck was by far my favourite observation deck. If the weather is good, you have the chance to visit the open-air rooftop and pump a whole bunch of Tokyo's city air into your lungs.



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